The Not So Digital Divide: Bringing Preservice English Teachers’ Media Literacies into Practice

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JMLE Feature Article No. 2: The Not So Digital Divide: Bringing Preservice English Teachers’ Media Literacies into Practice

BIO: Melissa Schieble is Assistant Professor of English Education in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Hunter College of the City University of New York. She received her Ph.D. in literacy studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and taught high school English in England and Wisconsin.  Professor Schieble’s research examines the intersection of critical and sociocultural theories of language and literacy in digital spaces as related to English pedagogy. She also is interested in how digital tools such as video and social media may be applied in the preparation of pre- and inservice English teachers. Her research has been published in Literacy, English Journal, and Changing English and she has articles forthcoming in Australian Journal of Language and Literacy and Discourse. Professor Schieble teaches courses on young adult literature and methods for teaching English in the Adolescent Education program at Hunter College.

Abstract: In this article, the author demonstrates how pre-service English teachers applied their own out of school media literacy practices (e.g. participation in social network sites and practices associated with remix) to their developing teaching practices. This research is informed by a growing body of work in media literacy that theorizes the important connections between youths’ out of school media lives and their in school literacy learning. The author aims to address an area that may be further developed in this regard: how pre-service teachers might connect their own out of school media literacies to their in school learning in teacher education. Such connections provide opportunities for pre-service teachers to experience and demonstrate the applicability of media literacy with the youth they intend to teach.

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