State of Media Literacy Report

Since 2015, NAMLE’s membership has grown from about 300 members to over 5,000 members, signifying a remarkable expansion of interest in and demand for media literacy education. Despite general awareness of the persuasive nature and pervasive inclusion of media in our lives, media literacy education has not been formerly prioritized in U.S. education efforts. Yet, several recent trends indicating progress and development are important to mention:
– Growth
– Inclusion in Standards
– Legislative Involvement
– Awareness

Despite broad agreement about the need to ensure that people of all ages are equipped to understand and negotiate the influence of media in their lives, the United States does not devote any significant government effort, nor funding, for media literacy education research, training, or implementation. While funding initiatives have benefits and drawbacks, decades of grassroots advocacy has not been enough to establish media literacy education as a foundational or core dimension of schooling.

This SNAPSHOT is a step towards that goal.