MLE & Privacy

The ever-changing media landscape has brought the discussion of privacy to the forefront. In today’s world, the definition of privacy is constantly evolving. How do we define, teach, and understand privacy?

Whether you are a classroom teacher unsure of how to instruct students using personal photographs in online projects, a regular user of social media networks where acceptance of releasing your information is common, or even a policy maker sifting through the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), privacy is a topic we all need to understand comprehensively. Policy advocates and federal regulators should be responsive to the needs of educators, parents, and youth.

NAMLE’s “Going Public with Privacy” (PDF) initiative seeks to spark a national conversation among leaders in education, media, law, and policy to create mutual understanding of an important component of civic life that can often present trade-offs for individuals seeking to balance privacy and participation online.  The initiative seeks to leverage a shared understanding through the creation of aligned principles that can be implemented in both homes and classrooms and further used in national policy-making. We believe that a thorough and holistic national approach to issues of privacy in participatory environments is needed to help clarify and unify the fractured understandings that different stakeholders have of their roles and opportunities in the privacy debate.