One of the many benefits that come with your Organizational Partnership with NAMLE is guaranteed space for your organization’s content in our monthly newsletter, which reaches more than 5,500 people around the world. Here, you can share news articles and announcements about your organization, an event or campaign that you’re hosting, opportunities that educators and students can take advantage of, and new resources that are available. 

You can submit your content each month online using this submission form or by emailing NAMLE’s Program Assistant Kyle Plantz at

We also encourage you to review the following guidelines before submitting content:

  • We cannot solicit our members for donations as part of a fundraising effort. If your organization has discounts available for products or pay-for-service, we are happy to share those with our community.
  • If you’d like us to share information about a new book coming out, that’s great! We like to raffle off a few free copies to our members each month. If you’d also like to give a discount, we offer that to our members as well.
  • We only have limited space in the newsletter, so please try to limit only submitting 1 or 2 listings per newsletter. If you want to highlight more than that, please email NAMLE’s Program Assistant Kyle Plantz at in advance.

When submitting content to be included in the newsletter, please make sure you include the following items:

  • A short title,
  • 3-4 sentence description of the listing,
  • A link to the content online that people can access,
  • A logo or image that could go with it.

Once received, NAMLE might edit your submission for grammar, spelling, and style. Any major changes to your listing will be shared before the newsletter is sent out. 

Here’s an example of a submission:

Online Course: Making Media Across the Curriculum
MediaSmarts is offering a free, online course for teachers on media making in K-12 classrooms. This interactive, self-directed course will provide teachers with training and resources on how to use digital media production like games, film, and animation in their classroom practice. Next course offering: February 1. [learn more]
*Note: A logo was included with this submission.

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