Mikayla Brown, Graduate Resource and Content Curator Fellow

Mikayla Brown is a Communication Ph.D. Student and Teaching Assistant in Journalism & Society and Intro to Media Analysis at Temple University. Mikayla received her B.A. from Hunter College in Media Studies with a focus in Women and Gender Studies and an M.A. degree in New Media and Digital Culture from The University of Amsterdam. 

Mikayla has over 8 years of industry experience working in fashion PR, digital marketing, and political advertising where she used neuromarketing tactics to attract million-dollar donors and persuade voter behavior. Her contentious industry experience sparked her interest in looking into the ethics of data misuse. 

Mikayla has recently joined NAMLE as a Graduate Resource & Content Curator Fellow for the Cyber Citizenship Initiative. She is thrilled to apply her background towards digital literacy by discovering and organizing educational tools and resources that foster media literacy skills for the public. At NAMLE, she is excited to help make media literacy a core educational value and skill for everyone. 

You can read more about Mikayla’s professional and academic experience on her website.