Student Voice Blog guidelines

The NAMLE website features a Student Voice Blog, which provides a space for high school and university students to share how media literacy concepts and practices are informing their engagement with media culture. NAMLE members are encouraged to select students to author posts that reflect their development of media literacy and address current issues in media culture.
Posts to NAMLE’s Student Voice Blog should meet the following requirements:
·      Posts should be between 500 and 750 words
·      Posts should be accompanied by a photo of the student, and a brief (1-2 sentence bio)
·      Posts should address a timely subject related to media culture
·      Posts should incorporate media literacy concepts or practices in their engagement with media culture
·      Posts should use a voice that balances personal experience and critical analysis
·      Posts should be focused, effectively organized and clearly communicated, using terminology that is accessible to a wide readership
·      Posts should be free from grammatical errors, misspellings and other typos
·      Posts should be authored by students, but their teachers/professors are encouraged to assist with editing prior to submission


A post that meets these criteria can be found at
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