Organizational Membership

Are you an organization doing work in media literacy education? Join other organizational members to connect with others, promote your work, and further your mission. Organizational members join a formal relationship with NAMLE and work together to advance and promote each other’s work in media literacy education. There are two types of organizational members:

Local, State & Regional Organizations

Smaller organizations that serve a limited geographical area, such as local and regionally-affiliated groups, schools and after-school programs, youth-serving groups, technology centers, and small nonprofits.

National & Academic Organizations

Larger educational or non profit organizations that serve the media literacy education field as well as colleges and universities with departments, centers or institutes.

Membership Dues

LOCAL ORGANIZATION: $150 per year, 2 members

NATIONAL ORGANIZATION: $350 per year, 4 members

Organizational Members enjoy the same benefits as Individual Members, plus added benefits of promotion on NAMLE’s website, showcasing of programs and services to NAMLE members, and conference benefits.

Join NAMLE Today!

If you are interested in joining the NAMLE community, please contact NAMLE’s Executive Director, Michelle Ciulla Lipkin at 

How Organizational Membership Works for You

By joining with NAMLE in a formal relationship, organizational members:

  • Enrich the national picture of the diverse groups that are actively working toward the broad goal of expanding media literacy education as 21st century learning skill.
  • Showcase their programs to NAMLE’s members who care passionately about media literacy issues.
  • Directly link their organization to other member organizations as well as to NAMLE’s individual members.
  • Reinforce NAMLE as the presence and voice for media literacy in the United States and beyond.

Meet our Organizational Members, & Learn more about the Benefits