Member Spotlight: Justine Veras

Justine Veras is the Office Coordinator for NAMLE

What do you do?

At NAMLE, I provide administrative support to the employees and programs of the organization, including supporting financial operations, HR, development and documentation, and other operations. As a new addition to the NAMLE team, I look forward to improving workflow and processes for the organization and supporting NAMLE’s overall growth!

Why is media literacy important to you?

Media literacy is important to me because critical thinking is one of the most powerful tools an individual can possess. When we think critically about the media we consume, we can better understand ourselves and the world around us. Developing a critical consciousness and strengthening our media literacy skills empowers us to make more informed decisions for ourselves and as a society. In a world overflowing with various media and information, media literacy is power.

What are you most excited about in the media literacy field?

I’m excited to see more media literacy projects in schools and universities as I believe it’s imperative to equip younger generations growing up with a bombardment of media and information with the necessary tools to make informed decisions. I’m also excited to see more media literacy initiatives that bridge the digital divide for older adults.

Why did you become a NAMLE member, what benefits do you see to membership, and how will it support your work?

As a researcher, library paraprofessional, and intellectual, I became a member because I felt that my interests aligned with the missions and goals of NAMLE. I wanted to be more involved in media literacy and decided that joining NAMLE would be the perfect way to do that!

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