Media Monsters: turning a mission into a movement.

The Stop Media Monsters campaign was born from a partnership between NAMLE and Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, a creative agency based in Boulder, CO. After committing to supporting media literacy education efforts, Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky set out to learn all they could about media literacy through training sessions with NAMLE and interviews with our community. Their task was to figure out how to get the general public to care about and understand media literacy. Not so simple, right? 

The question: How do we distill media literacy in a way that is educational, relatable, moves the conversation from the classroom to culture, gets people to hold themselves accountable, and makes it easy to share? 

After a year of strategizing and brainstorming, the Media Monsters were born. 

Everyone is a media monster sometimes. Even you. Even us. This campaign is a way to identify media illiterate behaviors when interacting with all types of media content. After recognizing the behavior in ourselves,  we can then identify the media literacy skills we need to combat that behavior. 

Headline Hellion, Gullible Giant, Scarey Share-y and Gobblin’ Goblin are just the beginning of the Media Monsters. We know the universe of media literacy concepts and skills is broad so the intention of the campaign is to introduce basic media literacy skills to the public and then expand their understanding by strategically introducing more nuanced media literacy topics over time like representation, bias, and economics. 

Our goal is to build a media literate world and we can’t do it without you. Join us in the fight against media monsters. 

If you are interested in sponsoring the continued development of the Stop the Media Monsters campaign, please contact NAMLE’s Executive Director, Michelle Ciulla Lipkin at