Journal of Media Literacy Education 2022 Peer Reviewers

Acknowledging the Scholars Whose Peer Review Efforts Support the Journal of Media Literacy Education

The global media literacy learning community is sustained through the rigorous peer review process, which is essential to publishing trusted, validated research articles. Serving as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Media Literacy Education is not only critical to maintaining the integrity of the scientific record, but it is an important aspect of service to the field.

Conducting a peer review is not easy: it involves reading a research manuscript (typically more than once) and assessing it with a critical and constructive eye. Reviewers apply their own knowledge and expertise in the process, and their insights provide an intelligent summary of a manuscript and a set of recommendations that may improve the value of the work to others. 

We believe that peer review is an important scholarly endeavor and that peer reviews make an important contribution to our field. For this reason, the editors of the Journal of Media Literacy Education would like to thank the many individuals who provided important service to the field in 2022 through their dedicated service in providing peer reviews to manuscript authors:

Igor Kanizaj, Zagreb University

Stephanie Branson, University of South Florida

Matthew Korona, George Mason University

Troy Hicks, Central Michigan University US

Alan Berry, University of Maine USA

Frank Romanelli, University of Rhode Island USA

Melanie L Croft, University of West Georgia USA[1] 

Ainize Foronda, Pontifical Catholic University of Equador

Damiana Luzzi, University of Florence, Italy

Damiano Felini, University of Parma Italy

Huan Gao, University of Florida USA

Ilaria Ancillotti, University of Florence, Italy

Jane Secker, City University of London

Janet Tibaldo, St. Louis University, Phillippines

Jared Bahir Browsh, University of Colorado, Boulder

Jayne Cubbage, Bowie State University USA

Jill Castek, University of Arizona USA

Joseph Faina, Los Angeles Valley College USA

Julie Cicilline, Providence College USA

Kelly Leahy, Syracuse University USA

Leo Van Audenhove, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

Lesley Farmer, California State University, Long Beach

Linus Andersson, Hogskolan University, Sweden

Luciano Di Mele, Universita Telemattica Internationale, Italy

Lydia Brauer, Arkansas Tech, USA

Lynne Azarchi, Kidsbridge USA

Mari Maasilta, University of Lapland, Finland

Maria José Brites, University of Lusofona, Portugal

Melissa Tully, University of Iowa USA

Monsak Chaiveeradech, Bournemouth University UK

Morgan Carter, University of North Texas USA

Nicole Eilers, University of North Carolina USA

Nolan Higdon, University of California, East Bay USA

Phyllis Zrzavy, Franklin Pierce University USA

Quang Ly, Ohio University USA

Robert Kenny, Florida Gulf Coast University USA

Roman Gerodimos, Bournemouth University

Sara Pereira, University of Minho, Portugal

Seth Ashley, Boise State University USA

Shanedra D Nowell, Oklahoma State University USA

Stephane Goldstein, InformAll CIC UK

Theresa Redmond, Appalachian State University USA

Tracy M Scull, Innovation Research and Training (IRT) USA

Luca Botturi, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)

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