Evaluating Media Literacy Education: Concepts, Theories and Future Directions

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JMLE Feature Article No. 2: Evaluating Media Literacy Education: Concepts, Theories and Future Directions

BIO: Hans Martens received his master’s degree in Social Sciences from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) in 2004. In 2005 he completed an additional master in Film Studies and Visual Culture at the University of Antwerp. After this, he gradually focused his attention on media literacy education. Working for kortfilm.be – an online magazine specialized in short film criticism -, he participated in INgeBEELD. Through this initiative, the Flemish Community attempts to broaden the traditional interpretation of ‘literacy’ in primary and secondary education. Since 2007, Hans Martens is teaching and research assistant at the Communication Studies department at the University of Antwerp. He is a member of the research unit Visual Culture and is preparing a PhD on media literacy education in Flanders. His main research interests are media literacy education, mass media, and effectiveness research. He has published nationally and internationally on media literacy education and the educational potential of videogames. He is also actively involved as an advisor in several Flemish and European media literacy projects.

Abstract: This article synthesizes a large subset of the academic literature on media literacy education. It first argues that media literacy is mostly defined in terms of the knowledge and skills individuals need to analyze, evaluate, or produce media messages. These knowledge and skills mainly relate to four key facets of the mass media phenomenon, i.e. media industries, media messages, media audiences, and media effects. Subsequently, it evaluates what is empirically known about the effectiveness of media literacy practices. Suggestions are made for future research.

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