What a Donation to NAMLE Can Do

  • $50 supports more tools and resources that are provided, free of charge, to educators around the country (and the globe).
  • $150 funds one teacher registration at the National Media Literacy Education Conference
  • $350 funds one organization, serving underserved populations, to engage as an Organizational Partner for a year – enriching the national picture of the diverse groups actively working toward the broad goal of expanding media literacy education as a 21st century life skill. 
  • $1,000 funds three complimentary Media Literacy Education presentations to PTAs and parents in underserved school districts
  • $10,000 funds a unique event at Media Literacy Week (MLW), amplifying the importance of media literacy across the United States. In 2020, MLW events and activities reach thousands of attendees from 44 states and 37 countries.
  • $100,000 enables the organization to hire (and pay for a year) a Director of Communication, better enabling the organization to realize its vision of national transformation for advancing media literacy as a highly valued and widely practiced essential life skill. 
  • A gift of $1 million+ (over several years) would be transformative, allowing the organization to responsibly increase organizational capacity and sustainability, perpetuating its work in media literacy education as it continues to evolve.

* The above is for illustrative purposes. While contributions may be restricted for a particular purpose, unrestricted contributions may be used at the discretion of the NAMLE management team, in order to best advance the mission of the organization.