Carson McAfee, Communication Coordinator

Carson McAfee became part of the NAMLE team in September 2021 as the Communication Coordinator. She assists NAMLE with all communication efforts, including strategy, social media, newsletters, websites and organizational partnerships. 

Carson received her Journalism degree from Indiana University, with a concentration in Public Relations and Strategic Communications, and a minor in Political Science. One of her journalism courses quickly became her favorite, focusing on media literacy and ethics. She is now working toward an M.A. in Strategic Communications from Michigan State University. Although her professional career was initially outside the media literacy realm, she is excited to use her skills to advance NAMLE’s mission. 

Much of her professional career has been spent in the private sector, working in Marketing and Communications. Responsibilities and skills that she brings from her previous positions include: increasing awareness through public relations efforts, social media planning and content creation, audience and keyword research, creating an SEO strategy, graphic design and facilitating partnerships.

Outside of work, Carson enjoys spending time with her cat, Noodle, and Corgi, Frank. She is based in New Jersey.