Building Resilience Online

Building Resilience: Equipping Our Kids with the Skills to Thrive Online

The National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) and Roblox are working together to help parents feel more confident helping kids and teens navigate their online lives. While much of what kids and teens will find online is safe, we do need to be aware of the risks and learn to communicate with our children about negative or unsafe experiences they may have online. Ultimately, the more we can help build digital resilience skills in our kids and teens, the safer they will be online.

While you might want to protect your child from seeing or hearing things online that you deem inappropriate or will upset them, this is an impossible task. Creating an environment where open dialogue is not only respected but also expected is important, especially as they get older. Let them know that they are safe talking to you.

The digital world might feel overwhelming, so download the free resource below for some important topics to get you started.