Membership Transition FAQ

How does an individual join NAMLE now?

If you are an existing member, your relationship with NAMLE stays the same— except now you will be part of an ever-increasing network of like-minded individuals and organizations advancing media literacy education.

If you are new to NAMLE, click here to become a member of our open network.

I recently paid for my individual/student membership. How does this change affect me?

 We are extremely appreciative of your membership and the commitment you have made to NAMLE and media literacy education. We understand that when you signed up for membership you paid for a full year, and we hope you have been taking advantage of your NAMLE membership during that time. You will continue to have access to all the same benefits moving forward. The remainder of your dues will be considered a contribution to the organization. If you would like a tax receipt that acknowledges the contribution, please contact NAMLE’s Executive Director at

Beginning immediately, your participation in the NAMLE network will be free. We hope you will continue to be involved with our efforts to expand and promote media literacy education across the country.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to Michelle directly at

My organization is a member of NAMLE. How does this shift affect our status?

Organizational members will now become organizational partners. As part of this new structure, we are working to create a broad community of like-minded organizations that will work closely with us to meet our goals and vision. Being an organizational partner means your organization is committed to helping the media literacy community expand and develop. Partnership comes with many benefits including promotion, outreach, and resource opportunities. There will still be a fee for partnership ($150 for local organizations and $350 for national organizations), and you will continue to receive reminders about renewal.

Benefits include:

  • Listing on the NAMLE website
  • Opportunity to promote resources, events, and projects in NAMLE monthly organizational partner bulletin
  • Opportunity to be profiled in NAMLE monthly organizational partner bulletin
  • Shared organizational partners conference exhibit table
  • Discounts on conference program ads
  • Media Literacy Week Partnership, which includes high level of promotion and outreach and a mention in the MLW daily briefs
  • Opportunity to connect with like-minded organizations locally and nationally

I am a lifetime member of NAMLE. How does this shift affect me?

As a major donor, you will still play an integral and enduring role in the NAMLE community. We are grateful for your commitment to and support of media literacy education. NAMLE would not be where it is today without you. To acknowledge you for your ongoing support and dedication, we will be including you on the “Media Literacy Champion” page on our website, a space dedicated to acknowledging generous  donors like yourself.

How else can I support the work of NAMLE?

NAMLE is a non-profit organization that depends on public support to continue to serve the field. While we are no longer charging membership fees to individuals, we hope you will continue to value the work of the organization and consider making a contribution to further our efforts.  And please let us know if you know of any potential sponsors of our work who are not current partners, or if your employer provides matching donations.

Please contact our Executive Director Michelle Ciulla Lipkin at if you have any additional recommendations or questions.