Our Team

We are a dedicated team of employees, volunteers, and funders who contribute time and resources to support NAMLE’s mission. 

Michelle Ciulla Lipkin

Michelle Ciulla Lipkin

Executive Director

Michelle has helped NAMLE grow to be the preeminent media literacy education association in the U.S. She launched the first-ever Media Literacy Week in the U.S., developed many strategic partnerships, and restructured both the governance and membership of the organization. [full bio]

Donnell Probst

Donnell Probst

Associate Director

Donnell has worked with NAMLE in a variety of capacities over the past six years. She was the editor of NAMLE’s Monthly Update newsletter, has served on both the Student Leadership Council and Leadership Council, and was the Program Co-Chair for the 2019 NAMLE Conference. [full bio]

Kyle Plantz

Kyle Plantz

Program Assistant

As a journalist, Kyle is passionate about the intersection of journalism and education, and how he can work with others on addressing the challenges relating to trust and truth in the digital age. [full bio]

Board of Directors

NAMLE is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors that oversee the organization’s activities. Individuals who sit on the board are responsible for developing the organization’s strategic plan as well as maintaining financial accountability.


The Board meets every year for a three-day board retreat and monthly by conference call. New members are elected by existing board members according to guidelines in NAMLE’s bylaws.


NAMLE’s policies are designed to ensure that the Board represents the members who elect it regarding all policy decisions. Read our NAMLE Policies below.


Our dedicated Board members have extensive roles and responsibilities. They work collectively, as well as individually, and are NAMLE’s trusted representatives and overseers.

Our Funders

NAMLE believes that media literacy education is strengthened by the involvement of a broad coalition of people and groups. As a 501C3 nonprofit, NAMLE is able to receive funding from a variety of sources, including foundations, government agencies, individuals, and corporations.  Recognizing the need for both credibility and independence as an organization, NAMLE takes care to ensure that funders understand the separation between funding support and editorial input.

Funders may not require changes to NAMLE content, policies, professional development, media literacy activities, or any other NAMLE work in exchange for funding. Funders may provide input in an advisory capacity only. We hope that funders support the kind of work NAMLE does and that their funding is meant as a statement of that support. NAMLE seeks funding to support its strategic goals, not the goals of a particular corporate funder. To review NAMLE policies in full, please click here.

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