Alexis Romero

Alexis_RomeroAlexis is a graduate student at Sacred Heart University, pursing a M.A. degree in Media Literacy with an emphasis in Social Justice. She also works as an educator both in the primary and higher education levels, striving to include Media Literacy in every subject that she teaches whether that be in Media Essentials or Beginning Engineering.
Alexis’ research falls into categories of popular culture, women’s studies, and racial studies. She is an advocate for empathy of all individuals, especially those that fall into minority categories. She strives to create an environment and pedagogical system that encourages students to also explore empathy and inclusiveness in their own lives and through storytelling.
Although Alexis focuses on all mediums of media, her primary interest comes from representations by auteurs and perceptions of spectators within the world of the moving image. Therefore, she advocates for being aware of the way that the moving image engrains stereotypes and generalizations into each of our minds, and hopes that we may be media makers ourselves that defy and challenge those codes that have been instilled in that medium.