Nneka Gigi

Nneka_GigiNneka is a visual artist and doctoral student studying curriculum development and design at the University at Buffalo. Research and career goals reflect focus on teaching media literacy through critically analyzing popular culture assets, like Beyoncé’s Lemonade album or A$AP Rocky’s Dior campaign. She has a particular investment in urban education due to personal history with attending schools mostly in urban settings as a novice explorer.

As a visual artist that designs clothing, paints on canvases and creates graphic/digital art, she utilizes some of the same methods used in creating art to uncover, develop and strengthen her initiatives in the education world.

Considering the social, cultural and political state of today’s world, media literacy is something that has become a necessity. She believes that through studying media literacy and popular culture, students, especially those historically kept invisible, will not only gain visibility but enjoy the process of finding messages, reassigning authorship and creating opportunities for authority in the popular culture that surrounds their everyday lives.