Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council was formed in 2014. The role of the group is to help grow NAMLE’s visibility, membership, and professional development opportunities while encouraging graduate students to take a leadership role in the organization. SLC members play various roles including communication support, conference committee members, Media Literacy Week leaders, and general project coordinators.

Jimmeka AndersonJimmeka Anderson

Masters student in Educational Media with a focus on New Media Literacies and Global Perspectives at Appalachian State University

BailinEmily Bailin

Ph.D. student in the Education and Communication program at Teachers College at Columbia University in New York City.

Burgess Catherine Burgess

A graduate student at Brooklyn College, pursuing an M.S. degree in Media Studies with a media literacy concentration.

Nneka_GigiNneka Gigi

Visual artist and doctoral student at the University at Buffalo.

Jasmin GoodmanJasmin Goodman

Doctoral student in Communication, Culture & Media Studies at Howard University.

ProbstDonnell Probst

Special education advocate and student at Arizona State University.

Alexis_RomeroAlexis Romero

Educator and graduate student at Sacred Heart University.

WangZoey (Xuezhao) Wang

Ph.D. student in the joint doctoral program by University of Rhode Island (URI) and Rhode Island College (RIC).