Theresa Redmond


Theresa Redmond is an Associate Professor at Appalachian State University where she teaches face-to-face and online in both undergraduate and graduate programs within Media Studies and Teacher Education. Her research and creative endeavors examine pedagogy in teaching and learning with, through, and about media and technology and on how media and communication technologies impact the nature of literacy, fluency, and expression in today’s digital world. Currently, Theresa is involved in studies related to media literacy assessment and nonlinear pedagogies for enacting media literacy education in the 21st century. Theresa has published a number of manuscripts in peer-reviewed venues, including the Journal of Media Literacy Education, Voices from the Middle, and the Middle School Journal. Her creative scholarly works have been reproduced in both print and pixel forms, including in the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy and the Journal of Literacy and Language Education. The themes of literacy and fluency examined throughout her research are evident in her production work as she seeks to blend physical and digital mediums in an exploration of human ideas, images, and experiences. Theresa is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Media Literacy Education.