Laurie Chin Sayres

Laurie Chin SayresLaurie Chin Sayres founded the Labragirl Media Project to support teachers who want to help their students move from unconsciously consuming images to thinking critically about the way moving images shape how they see themselves, others, and the world.  The Labragirl Media Project also specializes in helping teachers regain creativity and inspiration in an ever-increasing standardized education system.

Laurie Chin Sayres teaches teens and young adults how to read pictures and decode media messages. A classroom teacher and video editor, Chin Sayres gives students the tools to help them think for themselves, rise above the lies of the manipulative media, and create the next generation of inspiring communication.

Labragirl’s media literacy teacher professional development workshops and programs help teachers equip their students with essential life and educational critical thinkings skills.  After going through one of Labragirl’s workshops or programs, teachers are armed with:

1) An understanding of why it is both necessary and urgent to help students become media literate;

2) A solid grasp of media literacy skills;

3) A framework and supporting materials to integrate this media literacy methodology into traditional subject areas such as history, social studies, English, language arts, humanities, and science.  

These critical thinking and media literacy skills help students succeed in the classroom and real-world interactions.

Founded in Colorado, the Labragirl Media Project now serves schools across the country.  Laurie has a background in both college-level teaching and film. Laurie has taught at California State University, Long Beach and the University of Northern Colorado.  She earned her degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Brown University and has been working in film criticism since she was 16.

Laurie lives in Superior, Colorado with her amazing husband Joel and two Labrador Retrievers.