Jiwon Yoon

Jiwon YoonDr. Jiwon Yoon (Ph.D., Temple University) is an Associate Professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago. She has been focusing on research in media literacy for global understanding, intercultural communication, popular culture in North and South Korea, and Pan-Asian identity. Her works have been published in scholarly journals and as book chapters. She has taught media literacy in the U.S., South Korea, and China in various educational settings, such as public/private schools, alternative educational settings, universities, and teacher education programs. Jiwon also has received research awards from BEA (Broadcast Education Association) and ICA (International Communication Association). Her doctoral dissertation, “Media Literacy Education to Promote Cultural Competence and Adaptation among Diverse Students: A Case Study of North Korean Refugees in South Korea,” examines how media literacy education can enhance immigrants’/refugees’ better understanding of and an adaptation to their host society.

While she was at Temple University as a Ph.D. student, she was a graduate student member in the Media Education Lab and participated in various projects, such as, but not limited to: MyPopStudio.com (developed the content and format of online multimedia curriculum for girls); Media Literacy as a Means to Promote Cultural Understanding project (worked as a consultant in a project to promote better understanding of Muslim culture through media literacy); and Digital Nation (as part of a team, developed a structured online learning experience for educators and parents using video and multimedia resources created for the television documentary entitled Digital Nation).

Yoon also has worked with South Korean media literacy scholars and educators to develop educational resources that implement media literacy education for multicultural education. Currently at Roosevelt University, one of her classes is Media Literacy, in which university students first learn about children’s media experiences and various media literacy education practices. Then, Roosevelt students teach media literacy to children in one of the Chicago Public Schools. She is also working as the liaison with faculty across the university, facilitating their use of service learning pedagogies and helping to further institutionalize service-learning across the university.