Rachell Arteaga

Rachell Arteaga pic.smallRachell Arteaga is an elementary educator who is passionate about media literacy education, social identity work, and exploring how young minds learn. She has contributed opinion pieces to established periodicals such as El Diario De La Prensa, and to youth-oriented websites like Girlfuture.org and Hardy Girls Healthy Women. As a practicing educator, she is committed to integrating educational technology meaningfully in her classroom. Her media education endeavors include creating an inaugural, stand alone media literacy curriculum for third grade students at Trinity School and organizing teen girls through op-Ed training and video creation to launch Girls Investigate: Our Views on Media, a multimedia series examining the intersection of pop culture and social media. She has a BA from Hunter College, CUNY in Media Studies and an Ed.M. in Technology, Innovation, and Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she focused on gender, race, and ethnic representation in children’s educational media. Rachell was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Brooklyn, New York. In her spare time she enjoys exploring different cultures around the world, roller coasters, and devouring delicious food.