As a volunteer organization, NAMLE exists for its members and by their efforts – and committees are the mechanism by which activities are successfully conceived, planned and carried out. Board members currently chair all committees but participation is open to all NAMLE members.

There are many benefits to volunteering for a NAMLE committee. Through committee work, you will

  • get to know others in the field;
  • develop lasting professional relationships;
  • build your capacity for continuing leadership in the field.

There are even tax benefits! But most of all you will have the satisfaction of knowing your ideas and creative energies are helping to advance the field of media literacy education as others before you have done till now.

Standing Committees: Opportunity to serve, to learn, to lead

Service on a committee is especially recommended for those members interested in leadership in the field and/or nomination to the Board of Directors. The following are NAMLE’s current standing committees along with a brief description, the current chair and a link to his or her e-mail address. For more information about the work of each committee and how you might be able to help, contact the chair.

  • Visibility Committee:
    Focuses on growing recognition for NAMLE, the field of media literacy education and related projects. The Visibility committee publishes the NAMLE UPDATE and maintains the NAMLE’s web site and social networking resources.
  • Membership Committee:
    Focuses on service to our members. This includes retaining current members and recruiting new ones, maintaining the membership database and administering membership benefits, membership drives, and developing new benefits for members.
  • Development Committee:
    Focuses on developing plans and taking a leadership role in securing funding for the organization’s operating budget and all related programs and services. 
  • NAMLE Conference Committee:
    Responsible for overall planning, organizing and coordinating the biannual National Media Education Conference in suitable locations throughout the US. Includes selection of venue; hiring and collaborating with professional conference service vendor, working closely with NAMLE Biennial Conference Program Committee to create a flow and a schedule, coordinating with other NAMLE committees for communications, marketing, development and fundraising.
  • Conference Programming Committee:
    Responsible for: planning the theme and content of the NAMLE Biennial Conference, including solicitation and selection of workshops and breakout sessions, selecting keynote speakers and special program elements; working closely with conference service vendor on programmatic details
  • Finance Committee – to be responsible for management of NAMLE’s financial resources and preparing financial reports monthly to the Board;  developing an annual budget for the organization and for each special project with appropriate follow-up reports to the Board.