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Media Literacy and Civic Engagement in the Digital Age

Boise State University – Wednesday, April 11

Student Union Building, Jordan Ballroom

Recording of the event can be found here. 

Please join us for a public discussion between students, educators, and journalists  exploring the intersections between journalism, media literacy and student voice.

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Event Schedule

8:30am Breakfast and Registration

9am Welcome

President Robert Kustra, Boise State Idaho

Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, Executive Director, NAMLE

Dr. Don Coberly, Superintendent, Boise School District

Dr. Seth Ashley, Associate Professor, Communications, Boise State University

9:30am Listen Up, Adults, Generation Z is here.

Moderated by Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, Executive Director, NAMLE

Generation Z is the first generation of humans to have experienced modern communication technology and social media from the day they were born. Adults have a lot to say about them and their relationship with technology and media. This conversation will be a chance for them to give their perspective and input on how they navigate the information landscape.


Jack Briggs, Boise State University

Jordan Erb, Boise State University

Taylor Munson, Online editor, The Arbiter

Acey Norris, Boise High Schol

Annabelle Terry, Boise High School

10:15am Faking News: Fraudulent News and the Fight for the Truth Report

Laura Macomber, Journalism and Press Freedom Project Manager, Pen America

10:30am Imagine 2060: Exploring the future of journalism, media literacy and student voice 

Sangita Shresthova, Media and Culture Researcher, Scholar, University of Southern California

If anything was possible, what would you want the world of journalism and media literacy to be like in the year 2060? What are your aspirations when it comes to news, truth and storytelling and other issues of concern? How can they inspire us to act today?

These are the questions we’ll answer together in this creative, collaborative session on the civic imagination – our collective vision for what a better tomorrow might look like. Come and learn about the civic imagination, connect with others, and put your dreams into action.

11:30am Lunch Break

12pm Breakout Sessions

Student Breakout: Join Frankie Barnhill (Boise State Public Radio) and Bill Manny (Idaho Statesman) for an open discussion about their career path and journalism today.

Teacher Breakout: Join Barbara McCormack, VP of Education, Newseum for a professional development workshop: Who’s Afraid of Fake News? Responding to Misleading Media Even if your students can spot fake news, what should they do about it? Explore the real consequences of this phenomenon and how you can help your students shape the reach and impact of fake news.

BSU Breakout:  Civic Imagination: Roadmaps, Stories, Journalism, Media Literacy and Calls to Action with Sangita Shresthova, Media and Culture Researcher, Scholar, University of Southern California.

Our current moment is marked by divisive politics and humanitarian disasters including the Brexit referendum, cultural and political polarization in the U.S. and the ongoing Syrian civil war and refugee crisis. In the midst of such turmoil, global citizens demonstrated resilience and a drive towards new forms of protest, news gathering, social mobilization and appeals to shared imagination. From the prevalence of Star Wars iconography as symbols of resistance in the Women’s Marches in the U.S. to the uses of Avatar in the struggles of indigenous peoples and environmentalist campaigns, we see powerful stories of pop cultural content serving to bridge private and public imaginations in service of social change. In this session we will explore the idea of civic imagination as a productive lens through which to explore these and other such examples. This approach grows from our work within the Civic Paths Group at the University of Southern California. We define civic imagination as the capacity to imagine alternatives to current cultural, social, political, or economic conditions; one cannot change the world unless one can imagine what a better world might look like. Join us as we will drill deeper into the civic imagination to ask our selves how this approach may be useful mapping paths that move us forward when it comes to journalism and media literacy.

1pm The State of Media Literacy in Idaho

Moderated by:
Dr. Seth Ashley, Associate Professor, Communications, Boise State University

This panel will explore media literacy in Idaho with a multi-staker holder approach. What are the challenges journalists and educators face in the ever-growing information landscape? How can journalists and educators work together to move beyond the “fake news” discussion and on to a more comprehensive discussion about news and information? What do students need to understand the news and participate as active citizens in today’s world? What are we doing to meet these needs and goals?

Deana Brown, Boise State Librarian

Michelle Harmon, Journalism Education Association, former Borah High media advisor

Ryan Hill, Communications Specialist, Boise School District

Jason Lantz, Deputy Editor, Idaho Statesman

Kari Wardle, Idaho Public Television

2pm A Conversation with Tim Reid, U.S. National Affairs Correspondent, Reuters

Tim Reid joined Reuters in 2010 from The Times of London where he was Washington correspondent for eight years and a foreign correspondent prior to that with assignments ranging from Afghanistan and Zimbabwe to Jordan, Pakistan and Qatar. Tim was also embedded with the U.S. Fifth Fleet during President Bill Clinton’s 1998 bombing of Iraq. Tim has covered four U.S. presidential elections and seven U.S. mid-term elections, plus six mass shootings in the U.S., coups and the terrible earthquake in Haiti, and drug wars in Mexico. At Reuters, Tim has been an investigative reporter, and has also covered the nexus of economics and politics in Washington, municipal finance and the 2008 financial crash. Tim has been based in Ohio since July 2017 and has travelled extensively in the Midwest and other regions to better report on issues most important to supporters of President Donald Trump. Tim was part of a Reuters team that produced a series of Special Reports into the use of police Tasers, or stun guns. The series has been entered for a Pulitzer Prize this year and earlier this month won a SABEW award for explanatory journalism.

3pm Q&A and Open Discussion

3:30pm Wrap Up

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