Org Partner Spotlight: Teach Away


When did Teach Away launch and why?

Teach Away was launched in 2003 in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Our core mission since day one has been: ​to create a world where every student experiences the power of a great teacher and realizes their full potential because of it​. We got our start in teacher recruitment and have recently expanded to offer teacher Professional Development courses.

What are Teach Away’s main goals and projects?

Teach Away is a leader in teacher recruitment and has recently expanded into the teacher professional development space. Whether we’re placing a teacher abroad or developing a teacher at home, our goal is elevate classroom learning experiences.

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What makes Teach Away unique?  

Teach Away provides support for teachers throughout their careers. Our goal is to help them become the best version of themselves – whether that be through quality professional development courses or experiences teaching abroad. Our passion for education stems from our experience in the field. Many of of our employees are former educators who understand how impactful a great educator can be.

What are recent projects or new resources that Teach Away would like to share with other NAMLE members?

Teach Away recently partnered with Teachers College, Columbia and award-winning educator Detra Price-Dennis to create ​Digital Learning for the K-8 Classroom​, an online digital literacy course for teachers. This course provides practical strategies for integrating technology into their curriculum along with printable lesson plans and worksheets. Teach Away shares NAMLE’S vision of giving every person essential 21st century skills. We believe that the classroom plays an integral role in developing these skills and through the effective integration of technology and classroom learning, we can change the way the use and communicate with technology.

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Why is media literacy important to you?

Digital learning and digital literacies play an increasingly vital role in a student’s ability to succeed both in school and throughout their lives. We are committed to providing teachers with the tools that they need to effectively integrate technology into their pedagogy. We believe that when used effectively, technology can transform the way students learn and push innovation in the classroom.


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