February 2017: M-Passioned Member Chris Rettstatt

chrisrettstatt1) What do you do?
I’m a mission-driven professional who focuses on interactive media and digital products for kids. I’ve played many roles, from Digital Editor at Highlights for Children to Content Producer at Wonder Workshop to Executive Director at a nonprofit project of the Bryan Johnson Foundation, with a wide variety of freelance projects in between. My focus has been to use the power of story and interactive media to give kids a voice and turn their interests into learning opportunities.

I am currently focusing on freelance projects, volunteer work, and raising my two daughters.

2) Tell me about your latest work or project in media literacy.

Fuzzy Planet, a project in development by the Bryan Johnson Foundation, includes a wide variety of projects that help kids become more civically engaged. I developed a campaign consisting of a series of challenges that focus on media literacy (the campaign has not yet been published). The campaign covers topics like ad awareness, fake news, and a balanced media

3) Why is media literacy important to you?

Media literacy has been a lifelong interest of mine. I’ve always had a strong drive to empower kids to be more in control of their worlds, and a huge part of this is being mindful consumers and creators of media. As a media creator, I know the responsibility and challenges involved in media creation and the impact those choices have on kids. The line between the creation and consumption of media continues to blur, creating new opportunities as well as new risks. 

4) What are you most excited about in the media literacy field?

At the moment I’m excited that the issue of fake news is getting the attention it deserves, and I think memes are also starting to be taken more seriously as a powerful media force. I plan to do whatever I can to help kids navigate these waters.

5) Why did you become a NAMLE member, what benefits do you see to membership, and how will it support your work?
The Journal of Media Literacy Education is an essential resource for anyone involved in media literacy. This is why I originally became a member of NAMLE, and since then I’ve learned about the broader vision and initiatives of the organization. It’s a profoundly worthy cause. 


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