Analyze and Deconstruct An Election 2016 Magazine Cover

Analyze and Deconstruct An Election 2016 Magazine Cover


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Campaign 2016 is in full swing and part of the “free media” is the appearance of a presidential candidate on the cover of a national magazine. A number of covers are offered for teachers to use with their students to engage them in an analysis/deconstruction as well as a consideration of their design.

Resource submitted by Frank W. Baker

Frank W. Baker, author of Political Campaigns & Political Advertisements: A Media Literacy Guide, has conducted hundreds of workshops for teachers and students around the United States. He helped write teaching standards for both English Language Arts and Visual/Performing Arts in his home state of South Carolina. He serves as a consultant to the Writing Improvement Network and to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. He maintains The Media Literacy Clearinghouse He tweets about media and media issues @fbaker.

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