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Cyber Civics is a middle school digital literacy program that meets an urgent and growing need to prepare students with the skills to be ethical, confident, and empowered digital citizens. The program consists of three years of weekly turn-key lessons in Digital Citizenship, Information Literacy, and Media Literacy. Cyber Civics easy for any school, teacher or after-school program to teach. Lessons emphasizes critical thinking, ethical discussion and decision making about digital media issues… all through role-play, hands-on projects, and problem solving tasks. Based upon published academic research, it can be taught entirely without tech(that’s because experts widely agree that the most important new media skills are social and behavioral skills!).

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CyberWise is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art resources for BUSY grownups who want to understand how to help youth use digital media confidently and safely.

In addition to providing this website packed with free videos, ebooks, curated news, and research about digital media we:

  • GIVE workshops, and provide professional development and consulting on digital media to schools, companies and community groups.

  • TEACH in-person and online. See the award-winning program for middle school students called Cyber Civics. Check out our fun, self-paced, online courses, perfect for educators seeking professional development or any grownup wanting to learn new digital skills.

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