Helping Students “Close Read” Iconic News Images

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migrant-mother-261x340Every day news images flood our print publications, digital spaces and social media apps. Why do some become iconic and unforgettable? Media literacy expert Frank Baker suggests ways that students can explore this question through close reading & research. (This piece also contains links to new resources from The Newseum and The Media Literacy Clearinghouse.)

Resource submitted by Frank W.  Baker

Frank W. Baker is a frequent presenter of  media literacy at schools, districts and  conferences. He is the author of three books, including Media Literacy In the K-12 Classroom (ISTE, 2012). He contributed two chapters to Mastering Media Literacy (Solution Tree, 2014). In November 2013, Frank was a co-recipient of the National Telemedia Council‘s annual Jessie McCanse Award given for individual contributions to the field of media literacy over at least 10 years. Follow him on Twitter @fbaker.

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