Pulling Back the Curtain on 2016 Campaign Stagecraft

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Media Literacy and Political Campaigns (Middleweb.com)


Media literacy educator (and lifetime NAMLE member) Frank Baker wants “to help today’s media-saturated students realize the lengths that political consultants will go to get (and keep) our attention. As the “polioptic” presidential race begins, Baker shares insights and lesson ideas.

Resource submitted by NAMLE Lifetime Member Frank Baker

Frank W. Baker is a media literacy education consultant and the author of three books, including Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom (ISTE, 2012). He contributed two chapters to Mastering Media Literacy (Solution Tree, 2014). He is a recipient of the National Telemedia Council‘s annual Jessie McCanse Award given for individual contributions to the field of media literacy over at least 10 years. Follow him on Twitter @fbaker and visit his resource-rich website Media Literacy Clearinghouse.

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