NAMLE is Hiring!



NAMLE is seeking an Operations Coordinator to assist the Executive Director with all operational and administrative duties.

Job Responsibilities include:

  • All book keeping duties (e.g.. monthly financial reports for Treasurer and Board, bill payments, processing invoices, deposits)
  • General administrative support for E.D.
  • Assisting with organizing NAMLE systems (i.e. Google docs, Dropbox)
  • Managing Membership Database using Wild Apricot software management system
  • Handling administrative questions from members
  • Preparing and disseminating monthly membership reports to board
  • Ensuring that all membership correspondence is up to date and accurate
  • Keeping organizational member info on website current, cross checking monthly with database
  • Maintaining the membership sections on the NAMLE website

Applicants must have at least 3 years of non-profit bookkeeping experience on QuickBooks as well as database management experience. Strong organizational and administrative skills necessary. Job hours and location are flexible.

$1,000 a month contract for up to 16 hours a week.

Contract begins on April 1, 2015.

To apply, email cover letter and resume to NAMLE’s Executive Director, Michelle Ciulla Lipkin at

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