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Rough Cut is devoted to supporting, creating, and advocating for media production and literacy education programs in schools. Our mission is to help you and your school create and sustain comprehensive and cross-curricular media education. From analyzing the constant flow of media messages to creating professional quality recordings, videos, and websites, we want to support you as you support your students growing up in our constantly connected, multimodal, multimedia society.

Rough Cut Schools draws its name and its vision from Rough Cut Productions, the video production program at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. RCP provides students with real-world, professional-level video production skills by creating not only in class, but in the community. They have produced video for many organizations and events including TEDxPhilly, TEDxNYED, The China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia, and the Global Philadelphia Association.Today’s students spend more time consuming media than any activity other than sleep. Rough Cut Schools believes that every school should have a deliberate approach to media education – production and literacy. Every child should have the skills to consume, critique, and create media in ways that are healthy and empowering.Rough Cut Schools recognizes that every institution is different and will work with your school to help develop a media education program that helps your kids develop a positive and productive relationship with media in our increasingly mediated society.
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Josh Weisgrau
1808 S Sartain St
Philadelphia, PA 19148


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