The National Telemedia Council

NTC LogoThe National Telemedia Council is a national non-profit organization that has been promoting a media-wise, literate, global society since 1953. From the beginning, we have taken a positive, non-judgmental attitude and embraced a philosophy that values reflective judgment and cooperation rather than confrontation with the media industry.

We have a long history of a broad array of initiatives for teachers, parents and youth: annual conferences, workshops, a Look Listen Evaluation Project, an early children’s cable TV channel, a satellite interconnect for kids, sponsor recognition awards, children’s film festivals, publications, and live interactive forums.

We recognize individuals whose long-time contributions exemplify the highest standards of excellence, fairness, ethics, and innovation in media literacy education with an award named after NTC’s co-founder, Jessie McCanse.

We produce The Journal of Media Literacy, the only North American print journal in media education which brings together the best visionaries and practitioners, and has consistently generated new connections and directions to grow the field of media literacy.


Contact Information 

Karen Ambrosh
Teacher, Audubon High School
Home Address:
1022 W. Eden Pl.
Milwaukee, WI 53221


Marieli Rowe
NTC Executive Director
1001 Tumalo Trail
Madison, WI 53711

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