Student Voice Project

SVP logo - higher resThe mission of the Student Voice Project is to launch, revive, and support journalism education and student publications in underserved schools.

Here’s why:Students with journalism experience achieve better grades in high school, higher standardized test scores, and better grades in college English classes than peers without journalism experience.For students of color, the impacts of journalism participation are even greater. According to a landmark 2008 study, student journalists of color out-performed non-journalist peers of color in the following areas:

  • High school overall grade point average
  • High school English grade
  • High school social studies grade
  • High school science grade
  • High school mathematics grade
  • High school foreign language grade
  • High school art grade
  • ACT Composite score
  • ACT English score
  • ACT Reading score
  • ACT Science score
  • College freshman English grade

Journalism participation also fosters students’ development of media literacy, capacity for telling and circulating local stories, interest in civic engagement, and access to an intellectual community of practice.


Contact Information: 

Dr. Laurel Felt
USC Dornsife Joint Educational Project
801 W. 34th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90089

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