Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut


MDLAB aims to advance digital and media literacy education in the Arab region by training a generation of teachers and scholars and developing locally rooted curricula. MDLAB offers graduate students and academics a unique opportunity to study media and digital literacy with leading Arab and international experts during two summer weeks.

Additionally, MDLAB acts as an incubator of innovative ideas and a hub for a network of regional universities and media educators. Topics covered in Arabic and English include: media literacy and human rights; media literacy’s role in the Arab region; news coverage of human rights violations; the power of images; propaganda in video and film; media and business influences; Arab media ownership patterns; media portrayal of marginalized communities; media and religion, sectarian hate speech and free speech; media, gender, sexuality and body image; the internet and privacy threats; and violence in video games.

Other topics include a host of digital media skills, such as blogging, podcasting, audio and photo editing, comparative news analysis, social network analysis, and data visualization.

Contact information:

Jad Melki (


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