Bush School

Mission Statement
To spark in students of diverse talents and backgrounds a passion for learning,
accomplishment, and contribution to their communities
Statement of Educational Philosophy
Our students live in a world where the challenges are complex and multidimensional and which requires them to be talented problem solvers, clear and articulate thinkers, caring and skillful in engaging with people different from themselves, and capable of resisting conformity and self-interest. For these reasons, we value and teach:
  • Critical, independent, and creative thinking
  • Ethical judgment and action
  • Intercultural fluency
  • Global and local citizenship
These foundations of Bush School education are taught intentionally from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade in all areas of the school program. Education based on these foundations prepares our students and graduates to make a meaningful difference in the world.


Contact information:


Ethan Delavan, Director of Technology (techdirector@bush.edu)




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