JMLE Call for Papers: Volume 2, Issue 2

Submission deadline: October 1st

The Journal of Media Literacy Education is an online interdisciplinary journal that supports the development of research, scholarship and the pedagogy of media literacy education.  The journal provides a forum for established and emerging scholars, media professionals and educational practitioners in and out of schools.  As an extended conceptualization of literacy, media literacy education helps individuals of all ages develop habits of inquiry and skills of expression needed to becomecritical thinkers, effective communications and active citizens in a world where mass media, popular culture and digital technologies play an important role for individuals and society.

We accept both scholarly articles about Media Literacy Education from researchers and Voices from the Field essays from practitioners. Our next deadline for submission is October 1st. Interested parties can access more information about the journal at or contact the editors Renee Hobbs and Amy Petersen Jensen.

Visit our The Journal of Media Literacy Education Page for more information on NAMLE’s relationship to JMLE.

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