JMLE Issue 2 Feature: The Astronomy Picture of the Day Professional Resource Review

Featured JMLE piece: The Astronomy Picture of the Day Professional Resource Review

Author: Chuck Fidler, Assistant Professor of Physical Sciences, Wheelock College

Abstract: The role of astronomy in K-12 settings has always proved to be one of curiosity and awe for many students in the classroom setting. However, the amazing technological developments in media presentation have bolstered the mainstream accessibility of astronomic media. As a result, an organized database of high resolution astronomy based digital media has been developed and is free for public use. Chuck Fidler demonstrates thorough this professional resource review that the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) can lead to powerful digital visual media which can be used across all subjects in K-12 education, and greatly enhance K-12 classroom instruction using me­dia literacy practices around science education. Samples of APOD resources are included for the readers review.

Chuck FidlerChuck Fidler Bio: Chuck Fidler is an assistant professor of math and science at Wheelock College. He received his graduate degrees from Syracuse University in the field of science education. This unique field allows Chuck to focus on two areas of study, astronomy and physics, and education. Chuck has worked as adjunct faculty at SUNY Cortland where he taught courses on teaching science to future elementary school teachers. Chuck also taught physical science and experimental physics at Le Moyne College. In addition to his tertiary teaching experience, Chuck has also taught laboratory-based physics to high school students in the Boston and Washington DC areas. Chuck’s current research agenda is associated with how people learn and teach concepts of astronomy and has presented his work at both regional and national conferences. Chuck is truly passionate about his work and has been asked to be a guest speaker at various group events associated with the pursuit to advance the quality of science, teaching, and higher education.

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