NAMLE Partners With World Summit

World Summit on Media for Children and YouthNAMLE is proud to be a sponsor of the World Summit on Media for Children and Youth.

The Summit in Karlstad, Sweden on June 14 – 18, 2010 will host 2,000 delegates from 100 countries and feature the world’s leading experts on children and media. The event will offer opportunities to network, to be part of debates, to be interactive and to be part of workshops to share your perspective, experience and expertise.

The theme for the 2010 Summit is Challenges in young people’s world of communication. It will feature five strands with the following perspectives:

Communication for change

  • How, from your perspective, can communication in different media support needed social change?

Children and young people’s education and development

  • How can media literacy and educational media make a difference?

Children and young people’s digital content creation

  • How can today’s and tomorrow’s media world gain quality from young people’s digital own media content creation?
  • How can young children and youth of the world help improve global understanding when creating media content?
  • From the core perspectives of equity, equality, inclusion and intercultural dialogue, what happens when young people are able to digitally create media content?

Economics, policies and law

  • From a child and youth perspective, what measures and steps must be taken to meet the challenges of today’s media world?

Ethics and social responsibilities

  • In a non-regulated global media world how, in your perspective, can quality in media for children and young people improve?

Learn more about the conference and register today!

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