Media Literate Media Awards: 2000-2009

2009 MLM Awards

  • Longhouse Media, Tracy Rector and Annie Silverstein
  • Newshour with Jim Lehrer, Media Unit & Extra Unit, Jeffrey Brown, Senior Media Correspondent, Leah Clapman, Extra Editor
  • IFC (Independent Film Channel) – The Media Project, Kent Rees, Abby Ottenhoff

2007 MLM Awards

  • Lawrence Lessig, of Creative Commons
  • Barbara and David P. Mikkelson of

2005 MLM Awards

  • Jon Stewart of The Daily Show
  • Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield of NPR’s On the Media
  • Van Jones, Esq., CEO of the Ella Barker Center

2003 MLM Awards

After a hiatus, the awards were resurrected and re-named for the Alliance for a Media Literate America’s National Media Education 2003 Conference in Baltimore. Because the theme of NMEC 2003 was “Literacy and Liberty”, this round of awards focused on outstanding contributions to the field of media literacy by people doing mainstream public affairs and news.

  • Bill Moyers and NOW
  • Howard Kurtz – for his Washington Post columns and CNN show
  • Janine Jackson – for her work on Counterspin (radio show) and with FAIR

2000 MLM Awards

Because of the Summit 2000 theme, the Toronto awards focused on children’s programming and were awarded to the following programs:

  • In The Mix – PBS/Castle Works Inc. For excellence in integrating media literacy into the program content of a television series aimed at teens, with particular recognition for the special “Media Literacy: TV, What You Don’t See”.
  • Theodore Tugboat – PBS/Cochran Entertainment Inc. For excellence in integrating media literacy into the outreach materials and related program content in a television series aimed at preschool children, with special recognition for the Ready-To-Learn Training Manual for Workshop Leaders.
  • Wishbone – PBS/Lyrick Studios. For excellence in integrating media literacy into a children’s television series on an ongoing basis, through the “Tail Ends” segments that explore specific media production techniques.
  • Buy Me That! A Kid’s Survival Guide to TV Adverting – HBO/Consumer Reports. For being a pioneer in promoting media literacy and critical thinking through cable television specials aimed at children. (Note: Even though they are nearly 10 years old, the videotapes of those specials are still core materials for many media literacy educators across the U.S.)
  • Nick News With Linda Ellerbee – Nickelodeon/Lucky Duck Productions. For excellence in incorporating media literacy into a children’s television series on an ongoing basis, both as part of the overall programming concept and in specific stories that focus on media effects and critical thinking about media content.
  • 30 by 30: Kid Flicks – HBO Family For excellence in promoting media literacy in television for youth by encouraging children and teens to produce their own video programming and providing a national outlet for it to be shown.

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