Organizational Member: Cable Impacts Foundation

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.38.15 PMCable Impacts Foundation [CIF] is the education foundation of the US cable industry.  Our mission is to promote visionary, sensible, responsible and effective use of media and technology for teaching and learning.  To that end, CIF focuses on three areas:  Digital Citizenship; educational multimedia, both online and on air, and; broadband technology and content. In each of these areas, media literacy plays a key role.  Through our website [], projects with cable network and operators, and in partnerships, sponsorships, and pilot projects, Cable Impacts Foundation works to advance media literacy education.  In addition, each month, CIF’s website points towards the educational video programming and websites made available by cable networks for educators to use, as well as special projects, contests, and initiatives of interest to educators.

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