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Gateway Media Literacy PartnersGateway Media Literacy Partners, Inc., (GMLP) begun as an
affinity group in 2004, is starting its fourth year as a nonprofit
501c3 citizen-based organization operating in Missouri and
Illinois. GMLP comprises individual, institutional and
student members representing the public, private, volunteer
and independent sectors. They understand media literacy
and media literacy education offer all citizens a nexus for change. GMLP conducts media literacy education workshops and programs for a variety of audiences, and thus have an opportunity to earn GMLP’s Media Literacy Enrichment Certificate. Earning the certificate means the participants have also learned about NAMLE’s Core Principles of Media Literacy Education (CPMLE) which GMLP supports..

GMLP is focused on creating awareness about the need for media literate communities and sustained media literacy education in both formal and informal education settings and thus has become a business model for doing the same in other communities, nationally and internationally.

In 2011, GMLP will hold its fifth Media Literacy Week whose theme focuses on Canadian theorist, media studies educator, philosopher and scholar, Marshall McLuhan, who has strong ties to St. Louis and whose centennial birthday celebration is being celebrated.

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