2005 Conference: San Francisco

The 2005 National Media Education Conference brought over 450 people to San Francisco to hear more than 70 presenters share their work and make the case for media literacy education in this country.

Starting with Kenny Smith who described the role of hip-hop in today’s youth culture, to David Buckingham, who challenged some of our notions about teaching media literacy, to Alan November, who left our heads spinning with the possibilities of new technology, to Carlos Cortes and Ronald Takaki, who urged us to think outside the box (or, outside the ‘silo’), to Gloria Tristani, who pointed out ways to change the media, we experienced three days of exciting, thoughtful, invigorating, and at times, moving discourse around the theme of ‘Giving Voice to a Diverse Nation’.

Jon Stewart made us laugh during his acceptance, via video, of one of this year’s Media Literate Media awards. (Other MLM awardees were Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield of NPR’s “On the Media”, and Van Jones, Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, in Oakland, CA.) And several of the Modern Media Makers (youth producers) brought us to tears during the closing session with the extraordinary videos they created during the conference.

AMLA also presented the Meritorious Service Award to Jim Ficklin for his expert and tireless management of the Media-L list serv. Congratulations, Jim!

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