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Tag: "news literacy"

Teaching Media Literacy With Technology

Teaching Media Literacy With Technology

[ 0 ] September 26, 2013

Increasingly, K-12 educators are turning to technology as yet another way to engage students in media literacy education. Details are in this essay published in a recent issue of ISTE’s “Learning and Leading with Technology.”

Curriculum Kits: Media Constructions of Sustainability

Curriculum Kits: Media Constructions of Sustainability

[ 0 ] July 13, 2013

This free online curriculum kit from Project Look Sharp provides teachers, college faculty and community educators with the materials needed to engage students in a dynamic and constructivist process of learning how sustainability has been presented in the media with a particular focus on issues related to food, water and agriculture.

Bringing the World to School: Integrating News and Media Literacy in Elementary Classrooms (JMLE 5:1)

[ 2 ] March 6, 2013

For three years, the Powerful Voices for Kids program, a university-school partnership program of the Media Education Lab at the University of Rhode Island, developed a multifaceted approach to integrate news and current events into in-school and after-school instruction in K-6 schools. Three case studies detailing the program’s impact on an undergraduate novice instructor, an […]

JMLE Volume 5 issue 1 just released

Just Released: Journal of Media Literacy Education (JMLE) Volume 5 Issue 1

[ 0 ] March 6, 2013

Two years ago, the most powerful earthquake ever to have hit Japan occurred off the coast of Tohoku. Nearly a half million buildings fully or partially collapsed; widespread power outages and nuclear accidents occurred; and tens of thousands of people were injured and killed. Less than five percent of the damage was caused by the […]

Exploring Message Meaning: A Qualitative Media Literacy Study of College Freshmen (JMLE 4:3)

[ 0 ] November 16, 2012

Critical media literacy demands understanding of the deeper meanings of media messages. Using a grounded theory approach, this study analyzed responses by first-year college students not currently enrolled in formal media literacy education to three types of video messages: an advertisement, a public relations message, and a news report. Students did not exhibit nuanced understandings of […]

Fake Hurricane Photos Spread Like Wildfire

Fake Hurricane Photos Spread Like Wildfire

[ 0 ] November 12, 2012

While fake and digitally altered images of the hurricane make their way onto the Internet, and spread by Twitter, it’s more important than ever that we teach our students about “visual literacy” and how to question and challenge images.