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When you become a NAMLE member, you join a community of educators, researchers, media artists, community members, advocates, and organizations dedicated to advancing media literacy education in the United States and beyond.

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  • Meet and network with other members doing work in media literacy education at our international conference.
  • Join a caucus to connect with a group within NAMLE.
  • Browse our members directory, search for members near and far, and send direct messages to members in our Membership Portal.

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Support Research, Scholarship, and Practice in Media Literacy Education

Special Discount Offer

  • Thank you to NAMLE member, Ron Placone, for offering NAMLE members a 10% discount on Madness in the Message, a multimedia performance lecture about mass media. Madness in the Message is a multi-media performance lecture about the mass media  Since launching Madness in the Message in June of 2012, Ron has performed for colleges, advocacy groups, enjoyed several sold-out theater shows and a few conference presentations. The show is best suited, however, for college campuses. Describing the show “as The Daily Show meets the BBC series How TV Ruined Your Life with an academic edge,” Ron takes students on a tour through a contemporary media landscape where advertisers, owners and special interest groups come first and the general public comes dead last, and leaves them with a new perspective on what it means to interact with the media and participate as a civically engaged citizen. For more information, contact Ron at

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