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Ways to Spread the Word

Share the news! Here are several ways to tell others about NAMLE, our new website and the resources NAMLE makes available as a service to the field. Which one(s) can you do?

  • Invite someone to membership. If someone expresses an interest – or a passion – for media literacy education, tell them about NAMLE and invite them to join. Why not? You did!
  • Send an e-mail to your network of friends and colleagues.
  • Post the NAMLE website and brief description on other websites, blogs, article citations, resource lists, etc.
  • Include the NAMLE website in your e-mail “signature.”
  • Make an announcement at an in-service day for teachers.
  • Make an announcement at a convention, workshop or panel dealing with media literacy or media literacy education.
  • Pass out bookmarks and flyers from the NAMLE Marketplace to spread the word about this important NAMLE service to teachers.
  • Post a notice on a list-serve  or blog you belong to where participants are discussing a topic related to media literacy or media literacy education. They may not be aware of NAMLE as an organization or the many services it provides.
  • Use your e-mail signature like a bumpersticker on your car – and help spread the word about media literacy as a new vision of education for the 21st century.

If you need assistance or have other suggestions, contact