Graduate Student Caucus


Officially launched in the summer of 2005 at the National Media Education Conference in San Francisco, the Grad Student Caucus brought together a diverse array of students from universities all across the country. We went out to dinner, shared stories, had a few laughs, and decided that, together, we would form a caucus to pool our resources and support each other.

Who we Are

Grad Student Caucus 2007
Members of the Grad Student Caucus at St. Louis conference in 2007

Today we are an all-volunteer organization of graduate students specifically designed to serve the particular needs of a new generation of emerging media literacy scholars. As an official caucus of the National Association for Media Literacy Education, we are striving to create an online community that can help bridge the vast geography separating our respective institutions through information sharing, career development, and good old-fashioned networking. We most recently gathered at the 2011 NAMLE Conference in Philadelphia. Several Graduate Caucus members presented at the conference, and we had a great social gathering at a nearby restaurant. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2013 NAMLE conference in Los Angeles!

What we Do

We are a grassroots, student-led organization dedicated to nurturing both our short-term academic pursuits and our long-term career aspirations. We are, in short, a support group. We invite you to visit our online resources:

  • Research Reading Room – An area to post published, or just written papers on all aspects of media literacy.
  • Schools and Organizations – A resource list, including a database of 21 media-literacy-friendly graduate departments around the country.
  • A Facebook group – A social media platform we use for networking, collaborating, and facilitating co-presentions for conferences and co-publishing for journals. Search for “Grad Caucus – NAMLE” and request to join.

Join Us!

To join the caucus, you must:

  1. Be an active (dues-paying) member of NAMLE
  2. Be a prospective or current graduate student (international students welcome!)

When your NAMLE membership is processed, just send an e-mail to with your contact information and a request to join the caucus. The membership chair will respond with further details.

Once you are a member, you may choose to have your profile posted on the NAMLE website (eminently Google-able!) and be able to network with other graduate students via our Facebook group. Several members have collaborated on panels and presentations at academic conferences. We look forward to connecting with all graduate students working in the media literacy education field.

Caucus Leadership:

  • Kelsey Greene is the current chair of the Grad Student Caucus.  If you have any questions about the caucus please contact her directly at


NAMLE‘s Grad Caucus has provided me with networking, support, and resources that, as a grad student, have been so valuable to me. And the best part is – I’ve made great friends with future colleagues!”

–Kelly Mendoza, Doctoral Candidate, Temple University

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