Connecting. . . collaborating. . . celebrating. . .

NAMLE Caucuses are a way for members in the same geographic area or those who work in a common field or have other media literacy interests in common, to work together on projects that benefit not only caucus members but the larger media literacy educational community locally and nationally.

The following caucuses are currently functioning:


The primary purpose for creating a caucus is to advance the mission of NAMLE through networking and collaborating with other persons of like mind on projects and activities specific to the caucus.

Along the way, caucuses provide specific opportunities for spreading the word about media literacy education and inviting others to join the caucus – and NAMLE. Indeed helping NAMLE with membership cultivation and retention is a significant task for caucus leaders to organize and implement.

How Caucuses Operate

Caucuses are self-governing and self-funded, although not independent of their relationship to the larger NAMLE National organization. They choose when to meet, how to run their meetings, what issues to discuss, whether to collect dues and what activities they wish to hold.

Joining a caucus

Each active caucus has a page on this website to introduce the caucus and describe what activities the Caucus works on and the benefits of participating. Click on the caucus name to link to its page. If you wish to join the caucus, use the e-mail link on the page to contact the membership chair of the caucus. You can also contact the Membership Chair to join a caucus.  Remember you must continue to be an active, dues-paying member of NAMLE to participate in a caucus.

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