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Category: NAMLE Action!

Glori H. Smith head shot

March Update giveaway winner: Glori H. Smith

[ 0 ] April 15, 2014

Glori H. Smith is a public school educator with 20 years’ experience who works in the Provo City School District in Provo, Utah. She is also a doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Instruction at Utah State University. The working title of her dissertation is ‘Learning from the Teaching Practices of Successful Teachers of Latina & […]

Media educators and artists sought for focus groups

Media educators and artists sought for focus groups

[ 0 ] March 24, 2014

  Participate in a focus group on using film and media in the classroom and you could win an iPad! San Francisco Film Society (SFFS) is looking for several media educators and media artists to explore their new FilmEd. site and offer professional user-experience feedback to the SFFS Education team. FilmEd. is an open educational […]

FRONTLINE's 'Generation Like': Live Chat, Live Tweets, Live Rushkoff!

FRONTLINE’s ‘Generation Like’: Live Chat, Live Tweets, Live Rushkoff!

[ 0 ] February 17, 2014

PBS FRONTLINE’s Generation Like, featuring NAMLE advisory board member Douglas Rushkoff, will premier February 18th. Join the filmmakers and NAMLE members in a FRONTLINE sponsored live Tweet-up and Live Chat.

Winners of "This is Media" screening grants

Winners of “This is Media” screening grants

[ 0 ] January 27, 2014

We are excited to announce the winners of the grants to support screenings of pivot‘s new documentary, “This is Media.” Stay tuned for times and dates of screenings, to see if there will be one near you. The winning institutions and people are, in no particular order: Le Moyne College Temple University California State University, […]

Google Hangout: Discussion of "The Circle"

Google Hangout: Discussion of “The Circle”

[ 0 ] January 9, 2014

The new date is Friday, February 7th at 6 pm eastern. As part of our new Privacy Initiative, we’re hosting a book club-style Google Hangout. We’ll be discussing Dave Eggers’ new novel The Circle. It’s a riveting story about privacy in the age of social media and lives lived increasingly online. This will be an informal […]

Outside The Lens

Outside The Lens

[ 0 ] January 6, 2014

Our Mission The mission of Outside the Lens is to empower youth to use digital media to create change within themselves, their community, and their world. Our innovative program engages disconnected youth, encourages them to tell their stories, and teaches them that participation in their community’s future makes a difference. We use cameras and digital […]